Why is facial recognition a blessing for event planners?

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There are a lot of amazing things that existed only in movies and comics that are now part of our everyday reality. Whether you talk about Mary Mc’Fly’s hover board, fully functional computers in pockets, James Bond’s wrist watch, or the latest, Iron Man’s Artificial Intelligence Assistant. All these technologies now exist and are being used widely.

The latest of these advances is Facial Recognition Technology (FRT).

What is FRT?

FRT is the latest biometric technology that has one purpose and one purpose alone – identifying human faces. It uses your distinguishable features like nose, cheekbones, ears, etc. to identify you.

According to Allied Market Research, Facial recognition technology will reach $9.6 billion by 2022. The Apple iPhone X, Facebook and some other apps are already using this technology.

Benefits for Event Planners

So what has all of this got to do with event management? Here we have listed the top three reasons why FRT is a boon for event planners.

Event Feedback

There is a lot you can tell about a person from just the facial expressions. A person can lie through his speech but his face cannot lie.

Our faces convey our deepest thoughts. Whether its happiness, sadness, fatigue, worry, confusion, or excitement. If you pay attention to one’s face, you can easily decipher what that person is thinking and what he might do next.

This information is extremely useful for event planners. Facial recognition is making it easier for planners to quantify human expressions into tangible readings on participants’ interests, excitement, and joy. This means that whatever doubt there was with the feedback of participants will be there no more. Data collected from cameras that are placed around the event will identify the attendees and report back on how they’re feeling based on their expressions. It will save the attendee’s time as well.

This will also end the tedious task of handing out feedback forms, collecting them and then pouring over the feedback not knowing whether it’s true or not.

Social Media Publicity

Facial recognition technology will also help event planners with their event’s social media publicity. Facebook is already using this technology with their automatic tagging feature.

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