Tricking in the eye of the hacker

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Everyone loves the movie where a con catches a con. Let’s set the figures into a real life situation where you can actually hack a bluff. For instance, if you suspect that you are under surveillance and you need to get yourself out of it then you must set up a strong trap. Same as you plan to trap the mouse with a mouse trap. You have to offer the hacker something that can attract him to you. To draw his attention up to you won’t be easy but it must be done if you really wanted to catch a real-time hacker.

If you have been victimized by a cybercriminal then you must know that been into that situation is a hell of a phase where you can complain to any cybercriminal investigation company and they ask you to hire any private investigator or report immediately to the franchise. It is illegal to hack a hacker without any orders from a superior authority but you must do it with taking help from a hacker.


Your password should be strong enough to hold your data and not let any unauthorized access to control your device. You have to come up with some strong combination of password or pin code that can trick your hacker who has been trying to try you instead.

If you have easy number codes that you use, just change it because it will be easier for a person to access into your system by breaking a few number combinations. With keeping all that in mind try to use some strong password. For instance, use symbols or alphabets instead of using numbers only. Just make a mix and match combination that can help you secure your database.

If the same threats are coming again to you just change your way. Try to change your password more often. Set a time duration or a limit and after that limited time period, you are supposed to change you’re your passwords.


It has been ages and an innocent is being victimized for so long. The table must turn and the time must come. You have to take some proper security measures to keep your data safe. The hacker might have this thought that you will not change your ways and habits but you have to change your way of execution. Try to save documents in other of your devices so if you delete it from one place you still can get a chance to get those from other sources.


The bluff trying to hack you must have no clue what you might have already been taking some precautions. Get a corrupted file or page ready that you can send him back instead and he gets will get into your trap. All you have to do is to make a step forward and when he approaches you, you can get him into your trap easily.

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