The ubiquity of biometrics: should we accept it?

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We are constantly surrounded by technology now, from a simple pocket-knife to modern smart devices. Whether an individual or corporate organizations or entrepreneurs, technology has something to offer everyone. The technology that has affected us more than anything else is the information and communication technology. It has helped us turn our lives into a Star Trek Episode, which was unimaginable a couple of years earlier. It has entirely changed our thinking about communication and given us ways to communicate and collaborate that we didn’t even know existed.

One such technology that has affected us, and the effects are continuously increasing, is biometrics technology. This technology did not come with a bang, it grew quietly and slowly crept into our lives, and now it has fast becoming ubiquitous.

You can see biometrics taking over the following major areas:

Airport Security

Biometric technology is helping passengers skip the boarding and passport lines. They can board the plane faster with the help of self-service biometric kiosks. Facial recognition can identify a person from quite a distance, without the person even knowing about it. Criminals can be quickly identified and rapidly removed from the area.

Attendance System

Attendance has never been this fool-proof. Gone are the days when a buddy could mark your attendance or you could change the time that you came in. Biometrics is making employees more accountable for their attendance. It is enhancing productivity and saving money and time spent.

Bank Security

Biometrics is helping banks stay safe not only from cyber criminals but also physical threats. Banks can now make sure that the people are who they say they are. The customers are more satisfied with the security measures. They feel safe interacting with the bank.

Cash-less shopping

With biometric cashless shopping, using a card or a PIN to authenticate yourself is fast becoming a thing of the past. Now with biometrics you don’t need to carry around a card or remember your PIN. Now your fingerprint or your face or your eye is your PIN; the most unique password ever.

Criminal Identification

Biometrics is fast becoming the go-to thing for criminal identification. Now criminals can be monitored and identified remotely. Now the boys in blue don’t need to wait for the criminal to do something before they can apprehend him. With just one click, the entire data of a criminal can be accessed by a lawmaker anytime, anywhere. And again, thanks to biometrics, only an authorized lawmaker has access to criminal databases. Now criminal data can truly become global, with the forces in one country or continent accessing the data from another country or continent upon providing proper authentication

Staying in Hotels

Biometrics has completely eliminated the need for keys, cards or RFIDs to check into a hotel. No more losing your cards or keys. No more confusions. In China, there arehotels that are setting up biometric kiosks where customers can go and get themselves registered in less time than it used to take. This will drastically reduce wait times and improve convenience.


Biometric technology has rapidly taken over the security and identification area. Traditional methods are quickly losing their share of the market. The kind of security and convenience that biometrics can offer is unprecedented. The day is not far when biometrics technology will eliminate traditional ways of identification and authentication entirely.

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