Vigilant Protection Against Unwanted Viewing and Cyber Fraud

Smart Eye Technology is unlike any other cybersecurity technology. Built from the ground up to solve real business problems, Smart Eye utilizes powerful technologies that ensure biometrically authenticated document viewing and access.  Never trust! Always verify!

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Document Security Without Passwords

Smart Eye Technology eliminates usernames and passwords. 

These can be easily hacked or compromised. The unique biometric imprints from your face, fingerprint, print behavior, and voice cannot be hacked or compromised.  

How we protect document privacy and security:


Total Screen Privacy

When you open and view any type of file in the Smart Eye app, your device authenticates your identity and enables access through continuous facial recognition. Moment by moment the device continuously scans to make sure your face — and only your face — has a view of your screen. This vigilant protection protects your privacy and blocks out threats:

  • A warning sign pops up to prevent passerby’s from seeing files if you put the device down
  • A warning sign pops up blocking unwanted viewing If another face comes into the view

Secure Sensitive File Sharing

Sharing highly-sensitive documents across emails, the cloud, USBs, and more leaves businesses of all sizes in all industries vulnerable to security breaches. Smart Eye uses multi-factor biometric authentication and advanced AES 256 encryption to protect document access from user-to-user, preventing assets from being intercepted.

  • Take control over who has access and for how long. You decide whether the document can be downloaded or shared with others, or not    
  • Any document is always only one-click away from access termination even after it has been sent with our self-destruction feature
  • Get real-time notifications and audit trail of document viewing and activities

Complete Enterprise Identity and Access Management

Real-time enterprise content security and digital rights management tools give you complete control over your files. Our advanced enterprise-level controls enforce document governance policies and provide actionable intelligence.

  • Get full visibility into all documents and activities on those shared in the platform whether they are internal or external to your organization    
  • Restrict communications outside the organization to only those you approve of and build your “Private Pond” of authorized organizations. Block out unauthorized communications with undesired or unknown entities

e-Signatures & Contracts

Smart Eye Technology is the only e-signature platform that offers identity assurance with biometric verification.

  • Facial recognition authenticates and logs the identity of the person signing the document 
  • Signatures are time-stamped 
  • E-signatures are secure, easy and legally binding
  • Additional validation compares the user to a photo ID on file, ensuring that only the intended signer can complete the form. 

Revolutionizing User-to-User
Document Security

No one should have access to your sensitive files. Whether you are an individual interested in protecting vulnerable documents on your smartphone, a SMB looking for comprehensive cyber fraud management, or a large enterprise; Smart Eye Technology has the right solution to safeguard what matters most to you. Learn more by visiting our pricing and downloads page. 

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