Protect Documents and Maintain Data Control

A remote work solution to privately share documents with your team

Real estate

  • When on the field showing properties to potential client, the agent can share all related documents with the client in a 100% secured way. Documents like: Offers,Purchase Agreements, Mortgage Agreements, Titles, Lease Agreements,  Rental Agreements, Real Estate Assignment Contract,Power of Attorney, Listing Agreements and more.
  • Both the Agents and client can sign documents and both parties are authenticated through facial recognition.
  • Both the agent and the client know the documents are from the intended recipient.

Legal industries

  • Lawyers can send the competing law firm documents that can only be seen by the person they sent it to
  • Our system prevents the wrong lawyers from getting access to documents
  • Creates an audit trail for the flow of documents for lawyer working from different offices and locations. 


  • Doctor can communicate privately with patients through the private chat feature. This can only be seen by the doctor through facial recognition, protecting the chat’s conversation by 100%
  • Medical researchers can do live video chats and record the patients’ medical condition. Our system offers a HIPA compliant video chat

Human Resources

  • HR can request potential applicants to submit a video or various documents which is verified through facial recognition, thus 100% private.
  • HR can send new applicants salary, bonuses, job offers and new hire information. The new applicant is verified through facial recognition.