Persistent surfing is hi-tech shoulder surfing

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While drinking your morning tea or coffee you might have scrolled your computer screen for checking your pending e-mails or bank statements. This is your personal stuff which has your personal information attached to it. Leaving the personal stuff apart you might also have the piled up office files that you have to go through. But with doing all this stuff how do know that your actions are not being monitored or somebody is not keeping an eye on your screen.

Same as that there are people with a malevolent mind can try and trap you. They might not be watching you only but learning your moves also. They are trained in mimicking your typing moves to your verbal speaking actions. This sort of hacking and monitoring an individual this carefully is an art which is termed as shoulder surfing.


Shoulder surfing is basically something that might be very dangerous to you if you are working on something that needs privacy and you don’t have any measures ready for it. For instance, if you are trying to access your account to fetch the data out of it and somebody is looking over your shoulder without you being noticed. That cannot only cause you trouble but your whole privacy can sabotage in a second.

With all these threats, you might have been thinking that what can you do to cease it? Well, you need some serious privacy on your screen. Get yourself software that doesn’t only provide you protection on your screen but also to your whole system.


Right furniture and right place in your department can help you a lot. Try to choose a corner seat while making it your desk so there are fewer chances of people peeking into your stuff. In an office environment , the furniture you get is always standard that you cannot change but ask for a proper separate computer compartment where you can work easily without any tension for others might intrude your screen.

To prevent your data at this point where you are being targeted for shoulder surfing is the moment where you should open your eyes and notice if people are aimlessly visiting you or not and try to lock your screen every time you walk out of your computer desk.


Your company must have a privacy policy manual that you should follow. If you go with the policy you won’t get into much trouble. There was a scam happened in a medical business on the Gold Coast where an accountant found that he wasn’t able to access data of a specific customer. Later that incident he got an e-mail from that customer that claiming for leaking their personal information which was not an incident but a proper trap.

To get yourself out of this situation you must inform the higher authorities and also use proper software like Get Smart Eye to secure your data from such fraudulent acts.

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