Our desk’s trash can become somebody’s treasure

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Trash can become treasure, it is not just a fine and catchy phrase but true. Working in an office is more of a hectic day with a tight schedule. You have too many things to think of and workload that you have to manage on a daily basis. Can’t deny a tough schedule in office. It is more of a difficult task that you have to deal with your routine and position. For instance, if you are on a manager post on your division then you must know that you are not only responsible for your team but you are majorly answerable to your heads. You have to maintain the data security policy every time.

Everything on your desk that belongs to you must have a precious place in your heart that you wish to keep safe and so on the same desk if you have something from your organization it could also be important regarding the organization’s security policy.


Hustle is never a human’s friend but it always is a great enemy. The more you try to create hustle or try to run forward more than you are required than you will definitely stumble and fall. Coming early to your desk is a good habit but leaving without a proper check on your desk can be risky. If you are working on your desk with some documents and you also have some printouts on your desk that you have to shred after using but you forgot thinking about doing it later then you must now that those documents left behind can become a legit cause for any fraudulent activity.

The documents on your desk can only be a source of information to you but for an outsider, it can be an opportunity to leak out your company’s secret. Try not to create hustle after working or don’t try to rush every time.


Your computer screen is an open source to all the data you access in seconds. It is important for you to understand that you must shut your computer screen every time you leave your desk. It’s more of a mandatory task that you should do.

A busy day at the office is more of a difficult task that always makes you leave early with keeping things in the same condition considering that the peon will do it or it will shut automatically but you must know that not everybody in your surrounding has a fine intention as you do. So it’s better for every individual that he or she must lock their screen while leaving to let no document leaking.


Restarting is a very smart move if you are sharing your desk in the office. Every time before log in your ID make sure you refresh your PC or restart it to make all the bugs departure at once.


Your office desk can be informative to you and to the other person also in wrong ways. If you notice, you have so many data to share every day, so try to be a little safe while exchanging data or leaving your desk.

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