Lack of controllability of a user can become a huge threat

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Your data and its security is totally your responsibility. While working on your computer system if you left it open with some confidential files then you and your files could become a target of cyber-crime. These days cyber-crimes are very common and the ways for protecting your data are very limited. These cyber-criminals are mostly trained, they are the hackers that maliciously try to manipulate your data without your command. This could be extremely dangerous for you if you don’t have any security measures installed.


While working in an office visible controllability matters a lot. Your eyes on your computer don’t measure visible controllability but your present state of mind does. Your documents should be restricted in terms of accessibility.

Passwords or pin codes should be assigned to every individual’s computer. If a person is asking to use your computer then it should be your decision to allow him or not. If you know that you have some important document on your computer then you must be careful while letting people use it. Consider if it is very urgent and you let somebody use it then you must let it happen in your presence and you should be aware of the data exchanging from your system to another. Make sure for the conversion of digital copies into physical or paper copy is secure from any fraudulent act, also your sensitive data can be copied into hardcopy if you don’t have any check and balance on your system so you must pay attention especially while exchanging data.


The streamline of the workflow must follow a hierarchy. The documents from top to bottom can stay in line if they can properly control. Security checks and controllability are the key factors that can prevent your data from theft. You never know who is eyeballing your data because screen snooping has become an easy task these days. Even a teenager can hack a computer so it’s better you should have some strict security software installed that can protect your data from any kind of a threat.

For instance, a single document must be accessible to an individual whereas a set of documents should be arranged in a pattern where it must need codes or ID authentication from the superior ones. Managing data is the key but the way of managing it is an art that every individual working in an office must know.


Protection to our data is very important and getting a trustable software is also not easy. It’s better if you have Get Smart Eye , a readymade solution to your security issues. Where fraud and data threats are all over the world you can still find an easy way to keep your data safe.

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