Keeping it safe: Why You Should Go For Centralized Storage

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Believe it or not, focusing on the ‘right’ centralized storage system for your documents makes it much easier to secure them. Why you ask? It’s simple really. If you have all your data in one location, it’s easier to manage, easier to back it up, and easier to keep your security up to date.

The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall

That’s the gist of it really. The more locations you have your data on, the harder it’s going to be for you to secure it and the more chances of it being compromised. Big businesses might have the budget and the manpower to do it, but most medium to small scale businesses don’t. They hardly have enough budget to keep their security systems going. With each new location added to your security detail, it gets more expensive to secure it and the chances of it getting into the wrong hands become greater.

What if the Centralized Location Gets Hacked?

This is what you were thinking right? This is the most common question that follows the suggestion of putting all your data in one place. What if you collect all your data on one platform, and then just when you’re feeling safe, you find out that your storage cloud got hacked. This is why you should do your research before selecting the perfect platform. Public cloud really comes in handy in situations like this.

Public Clouds? Really?

Not what you were hoping to read right? Well, the truth is that a lot of public storage providers have implemented the latest security systems and they have whole teams of security professionals at their disposal, working 24/7 to make sure that there are no threats to your data.

Control Data Access

One of the benefits of going for a public cloud solution is that not only can you centralize your data but also centralize your data access and permissions as well. Traditional security processes exposed your confidential documents to various security risks while centralized data security can help you limit the access of your documents to authorized personnel only. You can also integrate it with your own document security system to ramp up the security.

No Replication

Another reason to go for a centralized system is that it will remove the need for you to send copies of your files to everyone involved. There could be the same file on multiple computers, USB drives, mobile phones, or laptops as you had to send it to multiple people. This creates a huge security risk as all these devices can be hacked, stolen, or lost. This can especially happen during travelling. If a device is gone, so is the data on it. But with a centralized system, all these devices will have is the link to the shared file or folder which can be immediately removed once the information about theft or loss comes in. This way, you can be up and running again in no time at all.

Latest Security

Almost all security vulnerabilities are immediately taken care of by the software developers. But this cannot be ensured in companies that are using the software. 26% companies ignore security updates as either they think it less important or they don’t have the time. Public cloud services carry out all their updates in the background so there is no time lost. Also, since they are catering to multiple businesses, they need to keep their systems up to date otherwise they might lose their clients. So, it can be safely concluded that keeping your data on a centralized platform will help you in many ways.

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