Is the promise of smart security hollow?

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Security has been one of the major concern of all time. With the dramatic change in technology, it is not quite easy to keep up with the security measures. Prevention of data is not an easy task but you have to deal with so many ways and procedures.

Every security measure that is introduced to an individual sounds so relying. For instance, choose our verification way over others and you will not regret. But the key is to get an appropriate one without any stumble and fall. You don’t intentionally have to fall over and over to learn. You can also learn in a million more ways.

Living in a modern world means that everyone can access to the technology that you probably can. To protect your data or things from people requires you to have some security measures. It is more like a necessity to us these days.


Fingerprinting is a common biometric verification method which is known from years. Every individual has a different fingerprint that nobody can access. This technology is runny from past years and so you can easily look up for it anywhere. Every other office you see must have this fingerprinting verification method installed. With passing years and no other advancement in this technology has bulged so many people to be a part of various criminal acts.

Smartphones have some legit cool sensors that you cannot open them without your fingerprint or passcode. So if your fingerprint doesn’t match your lock then you can use an alternate way which is the passcode. But the reason why your fingerprint security feature was created in your phone was to build a massive lock on your data. These days it is not difficult to indulge your mobile lock but it is definitely very easy to access anyone’s phone. Are we too much relying on mobile security? Is it fine to store our personal data on our own phone?


Facial recognition is also a security method which was recently introduced. Every face has a different structure, jawline, and different nodal points. The scanner that scans your face has a program installed that remembers your face like an algorithm with different nodal points that are not the same so nobody can access your data that easily.

Earlier facial recognition was not very common. It was rarely used until and unless you have something that demands all high tech security. But the smartphone these days have developed their security methods also. The new iPhone X series and Samsung new model phones have this facial recognition feature that will scan your face and then you will be able to open your phone.


Voice recognition helps Google assistant to protect your home. Google has partnered with some other sites that provide you a quick solution to your home security. Your voice is a key to enter your home or to any of your appliances. For instance, if you wanted to turn the light on you can just say it out loud. It works the same as SIRI on iPhone and Alexa on Google.


The more technology is increasing, the more we are relying on it. From our home to our phone, we are surrounded by technology and our data is also dependent on the security methods list above.

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