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Α solution to fix the biggest leak in your HR department: Documents

Specialized for

Protect your sensitive documents from leaking, unwanted viewing or sharing.

Salaries • Organization Changes • Board Decisions on Staff • Evaluations (OKR Documents) • Employees Complaints on Management • Harassment Complaint Procedural Documents

How it works


Retain Privacy

Ensure sensitive files stay private with biometric-verified file access and continuous protection against 'shoulder surfers'



Use our mobile or desktop app to share document with your stakeholders

Control Access

Monitor in real time what's happening with your documents and control their accesses

What’s unique about us

With identity authentication required to access shared documents, multiple biometrics provide multiple levels of security. No passwords to remember or to get hacked. You select the most convenient options for you:

  • Facial recognition
  • Voice recognition
  • Fingerprint Recognition

Don’t confuse verification with authentication. Unlike other solutions that utilize one-time log-in authentication, Smart Eye Technology uses continuous facial recognition authentication for as long as a document is open in the platform. The system will protect you: 

  • If you walk away from your device or your face goes undetected, 
  • If an unauthorized face is captured looking at the document on your screen

Smart Eye Technology eliminates usernames and passwords as they can be easily hacked or compromised.

The unique biometric imprints from your face, fingerprint, print behavior, and voice cannot be hacked or compromised.  

A very unique peer-to-peer sharing network with the companies you work with?

You can send through documents only to pre-approved, accredited companies and yet after you’ve sent it over, control is out of your hands. Smart Eye Technology ensures only the intended receiver can view or have access to it. 

All you ever wanted from a document management system of the new new century. Now all features on your fingertips (literally)

  • Sharing sensitive documents
  • Take control over who has access and for how long.
  • Control whether the document can be downloaded or shared with others, or not    
  • Terminate access even after it has been sent with our self-destruction feature
  • Get real-time notifications and audit trail of document viewing and activities
  • e-sign documents 

Not just testimonials... real stories!

Our customers, are the best storytellers to speak about us!

In the past, my business lost money due to invoice hacking.  Now, with Smart Eye Technology, we send and receive payment information knowing that it is sent securely and that access is verified with biometrics.

Mike Bienfait

CEO / Global Aviation

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