File and Device Privacy Technology


File and Device Privacy Technology

Do you want to have control over who sees your files?  Do you need to protect wandering eyes or shoulder surfers from eyeing files on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop?  What about those confidential files you send to colleagues and clients? Do you want to ensure that they have access but prevent anyone else from viewing the file?  If these are issues you have or have concerns about, then Smart Eye Technology has the solution for you.  Smart Eye Technology was designed from the ground up to solve real-life business problems like these. Usernames and passwords are no longer secure enough to protect your data, as they are easily hacked or can be tampered with. You need more advanced control over file access and viewing sensitive information.  

File Access Control, Governance, and Privacy on Any Device

With our digital rights management software, you have full control over your files through real-time corporate content protection. Our advanced enterprise-level controls ensure that document governance policies get implemented and that actionable information is available.

Contracts & Authenticated e-Signatures

Smart Eye Technology is the only e-signature platform that integrates biometric authentication with identity assurance.

User-to-User Document Security Gets Revolutionized

No one should have access to your personal information. Smart Eye Technology offers the best software for securing what matters most to you, whether you’re an individual looking to protect sensitive documents on your mobile device or a business in need of comprehensive cyber fraud management. To learn more about the different plans we offer to suit your needs, visit the plans page.

Enterprise Governance at a Higher Level

We have developed an advanced but user-friendly control panel that offers real-time actionable data and insights into all documents exchanged within your organization and with your approved organizations.

Regulation Implementation

A Complete Log Trail of Active Intelligence

Transparency and Complete Visibility

Below are some of the advanced document security features we offer:

AES 256+ Plus 

The cornerstone of secure online communication is encryption. Smart Eye Technology applies the Advanced Encryption Standard, which uses 256-bit keys to ensure that only your pre-approved point-to-point recipients can see your files. The National Security Agency (NSA) also employs this standard for safe communication that includes top-secret information.

Self-Management Key

You have complete autonomy over your encrypted keys and their management. Your self-managing keys provide access transparency and allow you to see how and when your tickets get used. You can also limit an individual user’s key rights or restrict their usage entirely to mitigate risk.

Self-Aware and Self-Protecting Features

With our encryption capabilities, your data becomes self-aware. When an access attempt gets made, the file, enhanced by the software, examines its surroundings and assesses trust. It can actively permit or deny access on its own, independent of infrastructure, based on the predetermined security policies embedded within your data. Your data honors the pre-set policies, never revealing them, yet still maintaining power on your behalf. When the information is self-aware, it can efficiently protect itself. Your information is under your possession 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Regulation Enforcement

Ensure that your company’s data protection practices get enforced across all networks and devices. Enforce policies such as when and where users can access specific documents or which wireless networks can transmit sensitive information to ensure that all users make the best decisions possible regarding their confidential information.

Active Intelligence

Your data must be able to make decisions to protect itself. We immunize your data with actionable intelligence that manages its self-contained keys, generates an irrefutable audit trail, and enforces your specified access controls. Making your data smart helps you make decisions on the fly to keep your data protected in every scenario, no matter who is trying to access it. This operational intelligence ensures that your data is always protected according to your rules, allowing you to maintain autonomy.

Smart Eye Technology protects your documents with five levels of biometric security settings that the user manages:

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