Facial recognition: your friend or foe?

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Facial recognition is a security verification method which protects your object or device from hacking or theft. It is important these days to have some major checks on your device and also to have some security measures.


Facial recognition security is basically the technology that recognizes a human face. If you scan your face on the facial recognition device it will scan your face completely. It is a very fine method for securing your data and personal stuff also. People have this facial recognition device in their offices for the protection of their data.

It works as a map on your face that recognize your features to the stored ones. The system then searches in the database for similar face and if it matches then they can allow the access but if not then the authorization denies. New smartphones have this facial recognition facility that allows people to access their phone only when their face matches their scanned face identity. This recognition method is based on algorithms and digits.


Processing a facial recognition system seems easy but it is not. When your face is scanned it works in an algorithm. Every individual’s face is unique and has different features. It’s important to map all the features accurately. There is a distance between our eyes, nose, and mouth, so what basically the facial recognition system does is that it keeps a record and add nodal points between our facial features. These nodal points act as a keynote and remember which point should match the other point.

The moment you install a facial recognition system for verification you can relax. You have to look at the camera steadily for a while and then it will capture your picture for identification and will keep your nodal points in the database. When somebody else will try to access your account it will deny the access and your account can stay safe.


Not only on cooperative sites but facial recognition is very useful for keeping criminal record safe. The government can significantly use it for criminals who have any criminal record and they try to get involved in some other criminal activity then they can be caught easily.

Talking a business or cooperative sector, a facial recognition method can be very helpful. If you have the data for your employees then keep the facial recognition as a security check for them to enter.

It is a smart way to grow and jump into the new world. If you want some great accuracy in your data and you have some hi-tech methods to protect your data then you must look for the facial recognition method along with your other biometric verification methods including the fingerprinting verification system.


Every coin has two faces, some go with the boon and some go with the curses. Let’s consider if your facial recognition ID denies over and over then your system might be corrupted or it must have bugs while installing. It also requires to upgrade from time to time. You can look the same all your age. When you grow up to be old your features change and your face can’t stay that statically. That will be your devastating moment and to avoid all those tactic errors you need you to upgrade it more often.


The facial recognition method sounds to be a very secure one to protect your data and it is also an accurate way to keep your stuff protected. As all the technology has a flaw so do this also.

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