Facial Recognition Glasses Can Prevent Terrorism with Discreet Surveillance

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Facial recognition technology has been blooming for quite some time now. Currently, the technology is being utilized in many important places around the globe – from train station security to airports. Needless to say that people are quickly getting used to facial recognition technology being used in public spaces. And if that wasn’t enough, recently developed facial recognition-enabled smart glasses can now help law enforcement and private security to discreetly survey the general public at any place and any time for preventing any criminal threats.

How Does the Smart Glasses Technology Work?

According to developers, smart glasses are devices that have been paired with the miraculous augmented reality. This technology helps users to see a floating screens in the upper right corner of their vision. The display can be moved around your sight of vision by bringing up the settings of the device. Then the user can toggle between the settings to put the display in whichever side they prefer.

In terms of user display, the smart glasses are said to carry clear set of lenses which provide full color and a large area for users to navigate in. Moreover, the best part about this is that the lenses of the glasses can be custom-made to match a user’s prescription.

The facial recognition glasses also work as a headset that can be connected to the Wi-Fi or paired with an iPhone or Android phone over the Bluetooth feature. Additionally, by connecting the headset to the phone, users can view notifications, display photos and videos on the lense of the glasses. The battery life of the headset goes up to 12 hours of usage. Users can even capture images on the spot with its front-facing, 8-megapixel camera. So that users never miss any moment. All of these features are packed in one light-weighted device!

How Will the Glasses Help National Security?

For now, the facial recognition smart glasses are mainly being released to law enforcement officers and security guards on patrol. The headset screen allows security officers to scan the crowd through their sight of vision and spot matching faces against a database of missing people, criminals or suspects. Once the system finds a match, the glasses take a second to display relevant information from the database to the user.

One of the benefits of using facial recognition is that it’s cost-effective. Law enforcement doesn’t need to get a large supply of CCTV cameras when they can just use the smart glasses for surveillance. Additionally, it’s effective in:

  • Detecting an individual’s face at crowded places that include a sports facility, public event and concerts. Through the watch list database, the system can detect criminals, missing people and other individuals.
  • Can provide surveillance in transportation stations, such as subways, airports and other facilities.
  • Identifying violators, imposters and illegal immigrates at the border customs control.
  • Helping to prevent terrorism threats and unauthorized access to government-sensitive areas.
  • Being able to recognize 15 faces per frame per second.
  • Recognizing an individual from database in less than a second.

Furthermore, an internet connection is not needed for this device, as long as the necessary database is installed into the built-in display. So, by using this technology, law enforcement personals and agencies can survey public spaces with lesser distractions.

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