Facial Recognition App & Software

Facial Recognition App & Software

Are you looking for a reliable company to protect your business’ wiring instructions, employee information, innovative ideas, financials, and more? Smart Eye Technology is here to help you!

We provide exceptional information and data protection. Why should others be able to see documents on your screen? With Smart Eye Technology, you can protect your files and documents from unauthorized viewers with ease, using features such as facial, fingerprint, voice recognition, etc. 

It’s time you start using a facial recognition app and software.

Smart Eye Technology is a platform that incorporates a variety of resources into one. To achieve real end-to-end protection that guards files in transit and at rest, you must include continuous and multi-factor biometric authentication for identity verification. 

Why do you need to make use of a facial recognition app and software? Continue reading to discover!

Fraudsters posing as suppliers often send emails demanding wiring changes—this costs companies up to $500 billion a year. Only companies you authorize can send or receive files from your company using our enterprise-level private communication platform. This removes fraudulent wire transfers sent by unapproved individuals or corporations, potentially saving the company thousands of dollars. We are delighted to service clients worldwide. Contact us today!

Usernames and passwords are no longer required, thanks to Smart Eye Technology. They are easily hacked or can be tampered with. Your face, fingerprint, print actions, and voice are unique biometric imprints that cannot be hacked or compromised. Smart Eye Technology is unlike anything else in the world of cybersecurity. Smart Eye uses powerful technology to ensure biometrically authenticated document viewing and access. It was designed from the ground up to solve real business problems. Now, there’s no need to put your faith in anything else! 

Complete Screen Privacy

When you use the Smart Eye app to open and view a file, your computer authenticates your identity and grants you access using continuous facial recognition. The software continually scans your face — and only your face — to ensure that your face is the only individual that has a view of your computer. This diligent security guards your privacy and keeps threats away:

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How Can Smart Eye Technology Help You

To tackle document fraud, forgery, and counterfeiting, Smart Eye Technology provides document protection solutions focused on a combination of unique features. Our system is the best way to keep your documents secure.

You’ll be able to monitor when, where, and even which devices your employees can access your documents with Smart Eye Technology. Perhaps you just want them to work on sensitive details at work? You have full control over your records. 

Seeing is believing! Register for a live demo to get a first-hand look at how Smart Eye Technology can protect your data and information security and privacy. Complete the form to reach out to a team member for a free, live demo today.

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