Dumpster diving: no hi-tech involved

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Dumpster diving is basically looking for treasure in someone’s trash. The information or database that people try and dig into must be useless to you but it could act as a source to them. Working in a co-operative sector where you are totally responsible for your company’s data you can’t let anything happened to that.

Dumpster diving doesn’t require any of hi-tech involved in its purpose but this is an act of observing people wisely and finding what is useless to them can mold to be used in their wicked ways. This happens when you leave your documents open or your files deleted in the recycling bin of your computer. It is easy to hack somebody’s account and get access to their computer which also makes sense that your deleted file can be restored immediately for a wrongful purpose.


It is important that you must understand your responsibility towards data protection and cover if any inadequacy you have been showing. Try to use long passwords so nobody can access easily. Use the password protection in almost every of your file and folder in your computer. Use it for PDF files and other documents also so they cannot be converted into an editable form which is an advantage for you.

Working smarter, not harder. It is actually a phrase that states all the above explanation clearly. If you are working with all your potential and effort you might not want it to snoop it all at once. Try to work smartly and make sure your effort and hard work are locked with your password.


After getting done working try to make a few digital copies that can be very useful. Remember that digital copies are always a backup plan if you are out the main source. If you cannot work through your main server and you believe that if you open any link or access to your computer you can be targeted for dumpster diving. Try to use the backup file installed on your computer it will be very helpful.


If you own a company and you wanted to protect your employees and business from all kind of data threats then you must install security software that can not only protect your data but your employee’s data also.

Working with the same privacy manuals can become a little boring so try to revise the policy every year with new advancement and technologies. Make more rules for data protection and add strict measures to them so that your employees will not be able to risk letting any mishap happen.

For physical documentation try to shred the carefully until and unless each and every page is demolished properly. Try not to leave things on printer trays or on your desk.

Data protection policies can only guide you to the way but the best solution is to get yourself a smart app like Get Smart Eye that cannot only help your security issues but can ask you for more advanced measures.

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