Don’t forget to defend yourself against cybercrime

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Remember those weird cyber-attacks, Crypto Locker virus, spearfishing, and data breaches stories about the company next to you. Guess what these horrible things have in common, they all can cause big trouble and a big cost too.

It’s crucial to use proactive IT services to defend against cybercrimes. As if cyber thieves stole money from your bank account, so your bank won’t be a help in replacing it. A recent report from NPR that spotlighted many business owners whose banks accounts were used and money was taken by the stolen debit cards.

Individuals can be saved from the corrupt bank’s transaction under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act. Business can’t enjoy this same protection.

These crimes are shocking to everyone. An FBI report revealed more than 8000 businesses were affected by cyber-attacks over the last two years. And the loss was estimated at around $800 million. It’s proved that you can’t at all forget to protect your company, but what you can do exactly to protect, let’s find out.

Have a trusted IT professional assess the security of your systems

The continuous change in the nature of cyber-attacks, safety measures should keep changing. Keeping your companies data save requires much more than just an antivirus and a firewall. Keep limited admin rights for user’s PCs. Put on DNS filters. Makes strict browsers settings. You must keep employing continuously improved anti-spyware. Obviously, business owners won’t have much to do such complicated safety measures, they can have an IT professional to do that kind of work.

Do not open ANY email or attachment from ANY sender you don’t recognize

Infiltrated emails are causes of direct breaches and fraud. Never open any unrecognized attachments. Make sure to keep checking links until you find a recognizable IP address. One click on one fraud link by one employee and all the data of the company is compromised.

Check email header, subject lines, and body copy meticulously for small errors

Not only infected links and emails are the issues. Sometimes hackers impersonate email accounts with only one extra letter. Obviously, you can’t go through every single email for such small details but make sure to re-read every message that includes financial or transfer funds details. Minor spelling mistakes, extra characters or naming issues should be reviewed.

If you receive an email regarding a wire transfer or large sum money, BE SUSPICIOUS

Those companies go through several wire transfers while day-to-day operations, your company becomes a much easier mark than the companies that do not transfer money like that. Unluckily, hackers are becoming smart enough to know what is the best target company for them. Potential preparations contain requiring two sign-offs on any financial transactions and giving a single computer for transfers.

Avoid using free, web-based email for business purposes

Create a company website and utilize all the safe email accounts for communication purpose. An active checking and inclusive network security solution, which should be responsible for scans on a daily basis and updates. Also, use strong firewalls and anti-spam protections that can scan cyber-attack vulnerability that keeps security experts alert about hacked accounts or breach.

To save your company’s data, be smart enough to use Smart Eye.

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