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Set to take place on January 28-30, 2020, at the Tel Aviv Convention Center, Cybertech Tel Aviv 2020 will feature talks by leading decision-makers, government speakers from around the globe and a massive 3-day exhibition where attendees can enjoy the presence of public and private leaders from the cyber arena!

This is one of the largest cyber events in the world, garnering over 18,000 attendees, hundreds of global speakers and delegations from all over the world—and participation and involvement by a vast range of companies, startups, and organizations. Some of the speakers include Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel; Diana Kelley, the Cybersecurity Field CTO of Microsoft; Anthony Aurigemma, the Vice President of IBM Security Europe; and Smart Eye Technology® Founder & Chief Disruptor, Dexter Caffey.

Smart Eye Technology is a continuous authentication security platform that eliminates unwanted viewers from looking at your screen. Our easy-to-use solution is suitable for mobile and web based applications. Smart Eye Technology offers document security solutions based on a combination of amazing features to fight document fraud, forgery, and counterfeiting. It is the most secure way to protect your documents, built around standard formats and licensed to operate in the industry.

Smart Eye Technology uses multi-level biometric security to ensure screen privacy at all times. The application uses a variety of biometric tools including facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, behavioral print, voice recognition, and iris recognition.

Dexter Caffey, who will be speaking at Cybertech, is the Founder and Chief Disruptor of Smart Eye Technology. He graduated from Youngstown State University with a degree in Finance.  He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and 2 dogs (Whippets). Mr. Caffey is a volunteer at the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta and the non-profit organization Conexx, the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce.

When asked about the event, Dexter Caffey said, “I am so excited to speak at Cybertech Tel Aviv. I look forward to speaking about Big Data and Autonomous Response and meeting people in the cyber arena!” 

Join us, digitally, at CyberTech Global 2020, by following us on social media, @GetSmartEye We will be sharing exclusive content on our Facebook page including interviews, photos, video, and more!

We will also have a live demo of the Smart Eye App in the Startup Pavilion, located in the EXPO. Simply follow the hashtags —  #GetSmartEye and #CyberTechGlobal2020 

If you will be attending Cybertech Tel Aviv, stop by and see us, we would love to connect with you! To learn more about Smart Eye Technology, please have a look around our website or schedule a free demo today!

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