Biometric Document Security & Sharing




Biometric Document Security & Sharing

Biometric Document Security & Sharing

Are you worried about your documents’ security?  When sharing confidential business information with other users, are you sure the information is staying confidential?  Confidential and sensitive business information protection is a significant concern for companies, regardless of their size, industry, or location. As a company, you send and receive highly sensitive documents via email, the cloud, USB drives, and other methods. Using any of these methods puts you at risk of a data breach. You need better security and protection.

 Smart Eye Technology was created to help your company avoid these possible data protection risks. Smart Eye Technology provides document protection solutions centered on a combination of biometric authentication and advanced data protection technologies – an unprecedented combination of security features providing ultimate protection of your confidential information. 

Smart Eye Technology is an all-in-one file protection platform combining secure file sharing, screen privacy, identity-verified e-signatures, and real-time file monitoring.  No other platform provides so much protection to ensure user-to-user security and protection over your critical business files.  

Secure File Sharing 

Smart Eye Technology incorporates a proprietary Unbreakable eXchange Protocol (UXP) technology that is self-keyed, self-governing, and self-protected at the data level with AES 256 encryption. This provides real end-to-end file sharing protection with data protected in transit, rest, and processing.

Furthermore, only those companies approved by your company can collaborate with your organization in the Smart Eye Technology Platform.  Unlike emails you send that can be hacked or intercepted; and unlike emails that you receive from unwanted senders, fraudsters, and criminals; only organizations that your company approves of can send you files or receive files from you.  This provides another level of security protecting your business documents.  

Biometric Authentication Protects Your Documents

Smart Eye Technology uses multi-factor and continuous biometric authentication to restrict file access and viewing to authorized individuals.  When sharing files through the Smart Eye platform, the authorized file receiver has to validate their identity prior to opening the file.  The file sender can request multiple biometric authentications such as facial recognition, voice recognition and fingerprint recognition for the file receiver to verify their identity. 

Multiple Factor Biometric Authentication

Multiple biometrics offer multiple layers of protection when identity authentication is required to access shared documents. There are no passwords to recall or be hacked.

Facial Recognition:

  • To check identity authentication, precise and distinct features of a person’s face are used.
  • Liveness search ensures that individuals cannot use an image or other incorrect representation to gain access.

Voice Recognition: 

  • Each voice has its own vocal tract and imprint, which must be balanced to gain access.

Recognition of Fingerprints:

  • Each fingerprint has its own collection of contours, which must be checked and mapped.

Behavioral Biometric:

(to be announced shortly)

  • For authentication, a particular behavioral pattern exclusive to the user must be matched, such as print activity or keyboard typing patterns.

Continuous Biometric Authentication 

Smart Eye Technology uses continuous facial recognition authentication while a document is open in the platform, unlike other systems that use one-time log-in verification.

Once they open the file, continuous facial recognition scans the authorized user’s face when the file is open on their device.  If they move their face out of view of the device, a warning sign pops up to protect your file from unauthorized viewers.  And if someone tries to peak at your file over the authorized user’s shoulders, a warning sign will detect another face in view and block them from seeing your file.   

Biometric Authenticated e-Signatures

e-Signatures have grown exponentially over the recent past. While they are great for convenience, you can’t be sure who actually e-signed your contract.  Smart Eye Technology uses biometric authentication – continuous facial recognition – to ensure that only the intended signer can open and sign your contract. This also verifies who e-signed your contract.  You can finally get identity verification of e-signatures on your critical business contracts.  

Keep Control Over Shared Files & Monitor File Activities

Smart Eye Technology also provides unprecedented control over the files you share.  As the file owner, you can set additional restrictions on access to your files.

  • Set the amount of time they have access to the file from 24 hours up to one year.
  • Choose whether or not the file receiver can download or further share the file.  The default is set to no for both to keep control in your hands.
  • If you allowed your receiver to share your file you can see who they shared it with 
  • If you allowed them to download the file you can see if they have
  • You can terminate access to your shared files immediately at any time even if they have opened and shared the file with others – all access is terminated with just one click using our self-destruction feature.
  • The Smart Eye Technology admin for your company has a control panel to track all file activity across all files shared in the platform in real-time.   Check for unusual patterns and identify potential risks before they happen

New Sector of Cybersecurity

Smart Eye Technology didn’t set out to surpass current document protection software. We began with a basic premise: private information should remain fully private, necessitating developing an entirely new approach from the ground up. What’s the result? The rise of a new cybersecurity field.

Smart Eye Technology offers document security and control that is unparalleled. Request a demo right now to see how this dynamic monitoring system can help you and your business stay safe!