Artificial Intelligence Myths: Real or Not?

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When thinking about the future of artificial intelligence (AI), people tend to make a lot of theories and possible myths of how it will effect humanity. From interesting controversies to world experts discussing on the possibilities, the general public is still indecisive when it comes to making the decision of welcoming it with cheer or fear. However, as time goes by there are too many controversies and myths that need to be immediately cleared up.

AI to Replace Jobs for Millions of People

While some are genuinely happy about having a more advanced future with the AI technology, many are worried if whether or not the technology will manage to steal jobs. According to some myths, AI is set to steal the jobs of more than 30 million people in the US alone by 2020. In reality, it is merely slowing down the process of labor recruitment.

As technology advances, more people are shifting towards learning how technology in their respective fields work. This is causing a massive shift from the traditional work style to modern. However, it hasn’t erased jobs. In fact, the AI advancement is simply shifting jobs.

In short, AI technology is only allowing newer and smarter ways for employees to work rather than becoming the reason for their unemployment.

Artificial Intelligence will Overtake Human Intelligence

Although this is a huge misconception, many believe that super-smart machines are capable of having higher intelligence than their creators.

In reality, the source of an AI’s knowledge is through what the creators allow them to know and what they can scrape off the internet. Both sources are created by humans.

AI Will lead the Enslavement of the Human Race and Destruction

This myth is born from sci-fiction films, novels and other forms of content. Among them of which is The Matrix and Terminator – these have shown fictional theories of how robots take over mankind. Many popular voices such as tech entrepreneur Elon Musk and Physicist Stephen Hawking have indeed talked about the danger being real.

In reality, the future uncertain and to achieve this level of AI intelligence, there are various boundaries that need to break before any event similar to the sci-fiction films take place. Currently, it’s highly unlikely that AI will get its own mind.

However, to erase some doubts, developers have even made ways to neutralize drones and other forms of technology if they malfunction. According to the experts, aliens are more likely to invade Earth than robots leading humans to destruction.

Computers Will Become Better at Doing Anything that Humans Can or Can’t Do

Technically speaking, AI technology is divided into two groups: generalized and specialized. Specialized AI technology is focused on making devices or machines perform a single or more than one job.

On the other hand, generalized AI technology has been designed to give themselves a number of tasks to do in order to make a job easier for humans. Which is why, theories of something similar to Star Trek are being made.

In reality, AI technology needs decades of improvements and work before it’s even capable of out-performing against a human and doing what it can’t do.

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