Smart Eye Technology Is The Most Advanced Document Security System


Smart Eye Technology offers peace of mind for businesses with significant document security challenges

It’s almost impossible to guarantee security and prevent possible fraud when sending a sensitive, password-protected document, like an invoice, contract, or business proposal as an email attachment. Your private documents can be forwarded, shared, or printed, and there’s nothing that you can do about it. That’s where Smart Eye Technology comes in and locks down user-to-user document sharing. Enterprises with compliance or legal concerns, including government entities, financial firms, schools, healthcare organizations, and more, can make the most of our document security solutions. For businesses that don’t have legal or compliance concerns, having a fool-proof document security system, with a unique continuous identification system, can give you peace of mind by protecting your shared documents against unauthorized use and any misuse.

With real-time notifications, you are alerted when authorized users access your documents, and when there’s an attempt made by unauthorized users. This critical user-to-user file security makes it impossible for anyone to share intellectual property, such as a screenplay, for example, with the wrong people.

There are many documents that businesses, organizations, and individuals can protect using Smart Eye Technology including:

If you are considering a document security solution, give us a call and schedule a free demo. Take a look at Smart Eye Technology and see how it can reduce the risk of document fraud and abuse in your business.

Smart Eye Technology protects and supports most document files types including:

Smart Eye Technology supports most standard text, image, sound, and video file types created in leading software platforms such as Adobe® Creative Suite, Microsoft® Office Suite, and more including .pdf, .docx, .jpg, .png, .eps, .pptx, .wav, .mp3, .avi, .mov, .mp4, and much more.

Smart Eye Technology secures your private documents onscreen and from user to user