Pioneering a New Sector of Cybersecurity

Smart Eye Technology didn’t set out to improve upon other document security solutions. We started with a simple idea – private documents should remain completely private – and this necessitated building a whole new solution from the ground up. The result? A new sector of cybersecurity.  

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Unprecedented Combination of
Advanced Security Technologies

Smart Eye Technology is a unique platform with an unprecedented combination of advanced technologies focused on ensuring end to end document security.  We identified all potential points of risk and worked with the best military intelligence and technology experts to develop a suite of new technologies and features that put you in complete control over sensitive document security. 

Learn more about the advanced features below.

Advanced Features


Continuous Biometric Authentication

Unlike other solutions that utilize one-time log-in verification, Smart Eye Technology uses continuous facial recognition authentication for as long as a document is open in the platform.

  • If you walk away from your device or your face goes undetected, a warning sign pops up to prevent unauthorized viewing
  • If an unauthorized face is captured looking at the document on your screen, a warning sign pops up to block their view and alert you

Multi-Factor Biometric Authentication

With identity authentication required to access shared documents, multiple biometrics
provide multiple levels of security. No passwords to remember or to get hacked.


Facial Recognition

  • Specific and distinct features from a person’s face are used to validate identity authentication
  • Liveness check ensures a photo or other fake representations are invalidated

Voice Recognition

  • Every voice has a distinct vocal tract and voice imprint that must be matched

Fingerprint Recognition

  • Every fingerprint has unique contours that must be validated

Behavioral Biometric

(coming soon)

  • A specific behavioral pattern unique to the individual such as print behavior or keyboard typing patterns must be matched for authentication

Self-Protecting Data Technology + AES 256

Smart Eye Technology utilizes a proprietary Unbreakable eXchange Protocol (UXP) technology that is self-keyed, self-governing and self-protected at the data level; along with AES 256 encryption to ensure true end-to-end file sharing security with data protected in transit, at rest and under process.

Advanced Enterprise Governance

We created an advanced yet simple Control Panel for real-time actionable data and insights into all documents shared within your organization and with other organizations approved for communications in your platform.

Policy Enforcement:

  • Smart Eye Technology enforces enterprise-level policies on data and information security management 
  • Smart Eye enables digital rights management governance of intellectual property and key content assets

Full Visibility and Transparency:

  • The advanced Control Panel enables complete and real-time visibility into all documents in the Smart Eye Platform
  • Data at your fingertips helps to identify leaks, flight risks and internal threats; and helps prevent data breaches and document loss   

Active Intelligence:  A Complete Log Trail

  • The Control Panel provides a detailed document log trail with actionable intelligence
  • Smart, irrefutable data puts you in proactive control, safeguarding your document security

Smart Eye Technology provides unparalleled document security and control

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