Smart Eye Technology is Technology for your eyes only

Smart Eye Technology’s Story

Dexter Caffey, Chief Disruptor/Founder

Dexter Caffey, the founder of Smart Eye Technology, was at a global cybersecurity event in the fall of 2017. One of the things that he noticed as he looked at the laptop screen of a cybersecurity expert was that he could see Word and PDF documents on the screen of that cybersecurity expert’s laptop!

 “Why should I be able to see documents on someone’s screen? Why isn’t there a technology that protects your screen from screen snooping?

I want to stop people from looking at documents on my screen!”  

Founded in 2018, Smart Eye Technology is a software company revolutionizing the way we share and view documents. Smart Eye Technology has created a new sector in Technology we refer to as Technology For Your Eyes Only®. With Smart Eye Technology, you can easily protect your documents and files from unauthorized viewers by using our biometric security platform. The features included in the platform are iris, facial, fingerprint, behavioral print, and voice recognition. The sender can specify which biometric the receiver must use before the document opens up to the person receiving it.  

After downloading the Smart Eye App, users can send and receive documents using the app, while enabling our most advanced continuous biometric screening feature that blocks unauthorized users from viewing your screen. 

The Smart Eye App is available on Apple® and Android® application marketplaces, with a quick and easy download! Start protecting your most valuable documents today!

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