8 Different Types of Fingerprints – Complete Analysis


Verifying someone’s identity is an essential component of your security policy. You need protections in place to prevent hackers from penetrating your network and to deter unwanted visitors from accessing secure areas. A security breach is incredibly costly — not only does it put your company, its stakeholders, and your customers at high risk, but […]

The 4 Main Types of Iris Patterns You Should Know (With Images)


The world of security is constantly trying to stay ahead of criminals by developing technology that provides enough protection against attempts to steal confidential data. Businesses of all sizes, including enterprises and even startups and small businesses, are subjected to cyber attacks on a regular basis, threatening the reputation of the organization and the safety of […]

Is Cybersecurity Hard? Common Challenges and Best Practices


Cybersecurity is a major concern for businesses of all sizes. A staggering 98% of U.S. executives say their organization has experienced at least one cybersecurity incident within the past year.  But for those professionals outside of the IT world, there’s always a common question popping up: Is cybersecurity hard? The truth is that when you’re […]