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Protect Documents and Maintain Data Control With The World’s Only All-In-One Screen Privacy & Secure File Sharing Platform

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Cyber Fraud And Data Leaks

Smart Eye Technology protects businesses that share highly sensitive files such as financials, legal contracts, wiring instructions, employee information, new innovation ideas, and more.  Whether sharing internally with employees – working on-site or remotely, or externally with vendors or customers, Smart Eye Technology provides unprecedented data and information security. 

Learn more about some specific ways that Smart Eye Technology can help your business.

Prevent Wire Fraud

Fraudsters impersonating vendors are requesting wiring changes through email costing businesses upwards of 500 billion dollars a year. Our enterprise-level private communication platform only allows those companies you approve of to send or receive files from your organization. This puts an end to fraudulent wire changes sent by unapproved individuals or companies, saving your organization thousands of dollars.

Protect Intellectual Property

No matter what size your organization is, intellectual property is your most valuable asset. With Smart Eye Technology, you can restrict access to trade secrets including who can access it, for how long, and if they can share or download the information. Even if you send someone a confidential document, it is always only one-click away from terminated access.

Secure Your Remote Work Office

With more and more people working from home and other remote locations, document security risk has increased exponentially. While data interception and business email compromise present major challenges, an often-hidden risk is visual hacking from onlookers who see information they shouldn’t have access to. Smart Eye Technology blocks unauthorized viewing — even at home - keeping confidential information, confidential.

Ensure Safe Sharing of Sensitive Information

Whether it’s financial information or a personal photo, when you send a private or confidential document to someone you want it to stay private. Once you’ve sent it though, control is out of your hands. Smart Eye Technology ensures only the intended receiver can view or have access to it. What is meant to be for their eyes only, remains for their eyes only.

Verify e-Signatures & Contracts

Real estate agreements, project approvals, business deals – more and more often these are authorized through e-signature platforms for their convenience. However, e-signatures present potential litigation issues when a “supposed signer” can more easily deny signing the document. Smart Eye Technology uses biometric authentication to ensure only the intended signer can e-sign your contract and provides the identity verification you need. 

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Powerful Security Across All Devices

For continuous control and protection when and where you need it, you can rely on Smart Eye Technology to deliver. You can share, receive, view, monitor file activity and e-sign documents anytime, anywhere from any type of device.

Not only does Smart Eye Technology safeguard files you view on your devices, it protects the privacy and security of files you share on the receiver’s devices by blocking the view of unauthorized users trying to sneak a peek from behind.

Information Security & Privacy
Is Easier Than Ever Before


Advanced technology doesn’t have to be complicated! Smart Eye Technology is simple and easy to use. The platform does the hard work for you so you can rest assured that your sensitive files are safeguarded.  


Smart Eye Technology puts control at your fingertips. When you send files through the platform you keep control over their access and viewing so you can be confident in the security and governance of your data.


We’ve thought through all the points where document privacy or security leaks or data breaches can happen. The result? A one-stop solution with an unprecedented combination of advanced technology tools to deliver enhanced security. 


Document privacy and security should be affordable to all who want it, no matter what size of your organization. Choose the plan that’s right for your business. 

Our Technology

A Combination of Advanced Security Technologies Delivers A New Kind Of Cybersecurity

Smart Eye Technology integrates a suite of tools within a single platform. This includes continuous and multi-factor biometric authentication for identity verification and access management; as well as a proprietary self-protecting proprietary UXP technology and AES 256 encryption for true end-to-end security that protects files in transit and at rest.

This powerful combination gives you the assurance that your confidential information remains confidential. With no passwords or usernames to remember or hack, Smart Eye Technology maintains the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data and guards your right to privacy so you can stay focused on your business.

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Meet Our Chief Disruptor
& Hear His Story

Dexter Caffey was attending a global cybersecurity event in Israel in the fall of 2017 when he noticed he could see sensitive information on a cybersecurity expert’s laptop next to him. He thought to himself, “Why should I be able to see his information? It’s none of my business! Why isn’t there a technology that provides real protection from snooping?” 

In 2018, Dexter helped to answer that question by founding Smart Eye Technology with a bold purpose — to protect everyone’s right to digital privacy. Since then, he has been resolutely focused on creating the most effective solutions to deliver worry-free digital privacy.

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